June Playlist

I’ll start by saying that my playlist this month is not very long. I’ve been incredibly busy so discovering new music and deciding to add it to the monthly playlist hasn’t been priority number one. Because HOLY CRAP I MOVED. I wrote about this last month, but WordPress decided to be dumb and delete the entry. But yes. On the third, I finally was able to move out of my parents’ home. It’s definitely been a huge adjustment. I never lived on my own, never lived outside of Massachusetts, and I never even went to college so even that experience of having a roommate is something I never had as an adult. It’s not bad, not at all, but it is different. In Massachusetts, I was by myself 90% of the time since all my friends live all over the country, so I got into my own little routines and moving disrupted all of them (like my daily discovery of new music). But we got a fresh month ahead, so I’m hopefully going to stay on top of the things that I want to do.

So onto the playlist! You’ve probably notice that every playlist starts with a Disney song. I’m trying to slowly add all the classic Disney music that I don’t already have on my iPod. This month was “The Siamese Cat Song” from Lady and the Tramp, which, admittedly, probably isn’t a great choice. It’s definitely one of those songs that, as you get older, you have that, “Oh, Disney. You should have known better,” realization. Also, can we agree that Lady and the Tramp is one of the most disturbing Disney movies out there? Adorable spaghetti scenes with stereotyped Italians aside, you got the dog pound scene where they take the dog to be euthanized, the alligator that almost bites Lady’s face off at the zoo, and then THAT RAT AT THE END HOLY CRAP. But anyway. I did have to add a cat song in here because my roommate and I got a new kitten this month! He’s black and his name is Stefan. We’re picking up a brother for him soon and if you can guess what his name will be, you get all the points.

Moving on, All Time Low’s album, Last Young Renegade, came out and SO GOOD. They’ve been slowly been releasing songs from it and I’ve loved every one. The album followed in the same vein. I got my roommate hooked on “Good Time” and “Nightmares” is the one that really resonates with me. I’m currently addicted to the line, “I gotta say it’s hard to be brave when you’re alone in the dark. I promise myself I wouldn’t be scared, but I’m still having nightmares,” which has been my go to for the more difficult times this month.

“The Sound of Silence” was downloaded so I could use it in a Snapchat (which you can follow me on at thecailin), but it is a classic for a reason.

Hanson came out with their yearly fan club EP and Hanson is always my favorite so that was awesome to have throughout the month.

And, okay, CAN WE TALK ABOUT MOANA? I didn’t hear a lot of hype about it and the music until very recently, but everyone I talk to that’s seen it loved it and talked about the music. So over Father’s Day weekend, I rented it with my dad and YUP. Go download, at the very least, “How Far I’ll Go.”

And we round out the playlist with a song by my brother’s best friend, Geoff M. Peterson (or King Geoff as my friends used to call him for reasons I can’t remember). But he gave me a free download for this song and it is relaxing as f*ck. Please go check him out here.

  1. “The Siamese Cat Song / What’s Going On Down There” Peggy Lee & Oliver Wallace
  2. “Drugs & Candy” All Time Low
  3. “Good Times” All Time Low *
  4. “Nightmares” All Time Low *
  5. “Dark Side Of Your Room” All Time Low
  6. “Ground Control” All Time Low ft. Tegan & Sara
  7. “Afterglow” All Time Low
  8. “The Sound of Silence” Simon & Garfunkel
  9. “Somebody That Wants To Love You” Hanson
  10. “Ghostwriter” Hanson
  11. “Reach Out For My Hand” Hanson
  12. “I Don’t Want To Go Home” Hanson
  13. “I Lift You Up” Hanson
  14. “How Far I’ll Go” Auli’i Cravalho *
  15. “Pollinators In Bee Major” Geoff M Peterson



nail polish – Formula X in “Push The Limits”


May Playlist


  • “Thomas O’Malley Cat” Phil Harris
  • “Sweet Creature” Harry Styles
  • “ABC Cafe / Red & Black” Eddie Redmayne, Aaron Tveit & Students
  • “Disconnected” 5 Seconds of Summer
  • “Orange” The Filthy Youth
  • “Powerful Magic” Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas
  • “The Queen Sings” Lana Parrilla, Giancarlo Esposito, Lee Arenberg, Tony Amendola, Beverley Elliott, Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas
  • “Love Doesn’t Stand A Chance” Lana Parrilla, Giancarlo Esposito, Lee Arenberg, Tony Amendola, Beverley Elliott, Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas
  • “Revenge Is Gonne Be Mine” Colin O’Donoghue & Pirates
  • “Wicked Always Wins” Rebecca Mader
  • “Charmings vs. Evil Queen” Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas & Lana Parrilla
  • “Emma’s Theme” Jennifer Morrison
  • “A Happy Beginning” Jennifer Morrison, Colin O’Donoghue, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Lana Parrilla, Rebecca Mader, Jared Gilmore & Once Upon a Time: The Musical Episode Chorus
  • “Tortured Soul” Chord Overstreet
  • “Wreck Me” Chord Overstreet
  • “Screw Paris” Chord Overstreet
  • “Take Me Home” Chord Overstreet
  • “Meet Me In The Hallway” Harry Styles
  • “Carolina” Harry Styles
  • “Two Ghosts” Harry Styles
  • “Only Angel” Harry Styles
  • “Kiwi” Harry Styles
  • “Ever Since New York” Harry Styles
  • “Woman” Harry Styles
  • “From The Dining Table” Harry Styles
  • “Public Pool Party” Lucy Angel
  • “Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind” Lana Del Rey
  • “Hold On (Remix)” Chord Overstreet & Deepend
  • “Nice2KnoU” All Time Low
  • “Remember I Told You” Nick Jonas ft. Anne-Marie & Mike Posner
  • “I Was Born” Hanson

April Playlist

This was definitely the theme of April for me. There’s some stuff coming in May that I’ve been busting my butt for that I don’t want to talk about in case it doesn’t happen. But if it does happen, it means even more work for me. In end, it’s a good thing, but it’s very overwhelming. So this quote on my wall has been a good reminder that it will be worth it. Because it definitely will be.

So let’s talk about the playlist. I FINALLY got Aaron Tveit’s live album from 2013, which is why it makes up most of this playlist. The rest has all been new music from people I love, so YAH. John Mayer released the rest of his album and Lana Del Rey did a song with The Weeknd which all sounded pretty cool. I am LOVING Harry Styles’ new sound. “Sign of the Times” sounds very Bowie to me (and I love David Bowie) and I’m excited for the rest of his album. Vanessa Hudgens was featured in Shawn Hook’s song, which works really well for a story I’m writing on WattPad so that made me happy (shameless plus). And then I got not one, but TWO new songs from All Time Low, which are both a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Everything I’ve heard about this new album has been incredible and I can’t WAIT for the rest of the album.

And then there’s “Hold On.” I went on about this in February when Chord Overstreet first released the studio version of this song. BUT THIS VERSION. This was the version I wanted when I found out “Hold On” was going to be released (which I tweeted and he retweeted btw) and I’m SO HAPPY I got it eventually.

  1. “Something’s Coming” Aaron Tveit
  2. “If I Loved You/To Make You Feel My Love” Aaron Tveit
  3. “When I Was Your Man” Aaron Tveit
  4. “What You’d Call A Dream” Aaron Tveit
  5. “One Song Glory” Aaron Tveit *
  6. “There’s a World/Hero and Leander” Aaron Tveit
  7. “I Could Be In Love With Someone Like You” Aaron Tveit
  8. “Run Away With Me” Aaron Tveit *
  9. “She’s Always A Woman/A Case of You” Aaron Tveit
  10. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” Aaron Tveit
  11. “Goodbye” Aaron Tveit
  12. “My Romance/I Remember You” Aaron Tveit
  13. “In The Blood” John Mayer
  14. “Theme from ‘The Search For Everything'” John Mayer
  15. “Never On The Day You Leave” John Mayer
  16. “Rosie” John Mayer
  17. “Lust For Life” Lana Del Rey ft. The Weeknd
  18. “Sign of the Times” Harry Styles *
  19. “Hold On” (acoustic) Chord Overstreet ***********
  20. “Reminding Me” Shawn Hook ft. Vanessa Hudgens
  21. “Last Young Renegade” All Time Low *
  22. “Life Of The Party” All Time Low *


wall decal

Corporate Edge

I love the idea of corporate goth. The chic black pencil skirts. The romantic blouses that are appropriate for the corporate environment but still completely self expressive. There are lots of blogs that can show you that look better than I can, but I thought I’d take the idea and simplify it, doing this flatlay featuring a piece of wardrobe that almost anyone can wear to work: a white button down.

Every job is different and has a different dress code. My first job outside of baby-sitting was Wal-Mart where, as anyone knows, required that hideous blue vest. However, it meant I could wear whatever top I wanted underneath, so long as it wasn’t offensive . . . until they started making us wear hideous blue collared shirts with khaki pants. After that, I worked in an office that was business casual where this post would have come in handy. Then was Borders, where the only dress code was no jeans with holes in them. Now I work two jobs where it’s back to business casual.

The shirt I have here I got on Amazon from a company called LE3NO. I have never had luck with this style, always finding it too tight in the chest and showing off unsightly rolls. So when I tried this XXL on, I was expecting the worst, but was surprised that it felt comfortable and didn’t show off all the lumps and bumps I wanted covered.

You know your work environment. You know what you can get away with and what you can’t. That being said, turning this plain white shirt into something that represents me is ALL about the accessories. I’m not one of those people that wears sunglasses inside (please never be that person), but there’s always that moment of walking inside, taking off your glasses and hearing some cool soundtrack in your head as you’re about to tackle your day.

Just me? Okay.

Anyway, the glasses are also from Amazon by zeroUV in the color “Black Smoke.” I love zeroUV because they always do free shipping, whether you get it on Amazon or direct from their site and you can get so many cool glasses from them for under $10. Another Amazon item is the black leather cuff by INBLUE. While that stands alone on one wrist, I grouped part of a Blackheart bracelet set from Hot Topic on the other. My necklace is unfortunately sold out, but it was from Nastydress and has been much loved.

Again, you know your work environment. If you’re on your feet all day FIND SOME SENSIBLE SHOES. These are not them. That being said, look. how. awesome. The studs, the metal wrapping around the heel . . . Just try not to strut in them.

Onto makeup. If I can wear no other product, it’s eyeliner. Rushing out the door? Eyeliner. All the time in the world? Eyeliner. That being said, THIS MASCARA. The Better Than Sex by Too Faced mascara has been hyped up by everyone and a few months ago, I finally bought it, both the regular and the waterproof. I hadn’t used it yet because I still had a MAC mascara I was using, but I tested it out before I stuck it in this post and, yes. WORTH IT. I lamented about my guylashes in my last blog post, but not only does this product give them volume and length, but it also looks like I’m already wearing top liner. If you can get a sample, doooo ittttt. I went to Sephora earlier this week and grabbed the Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder. I don’t use much makeup when it comes to foundation and powders and things like that, but I like using translucent powders as a base for my eyes because it makes blending easier. For perfume, I really like this scent by Viktor&Rolf called Spicebomb. It’s a pretty masculine scent, and, yes, spicy spelling, but it definitely makes me feel a bit stronger and confident with it on. Black nails are my go-to and definitely have both a bold and chic look to them. But if you’re sort of over the black and white thing everywhere, I like “Pepe’s Purple Passion” from OPI’s Muppets collection. Also, it pairs really nicely with Rimmel’s Kate Matte Lipstick in 107.

Oh, and the magazine is for when you’re chilling on your break. I have issue #150 of Bello featuring my favorite, Chord Overstreet, because, yeah.

All work and no play . . .

Feeling blue?

Nail polish – OPI “Blue shatter”

Mascara – MAC Extended Play in “endlessly black”

Wall art – Natural Life ‘Love You to the Moon’ Wire

Book – The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr

Brush – OceanPure Detangling Blue

Makeup remover – Sephora waterproof


I just bought this book because the summary sounded interesting. I haven’t really started it yet, so if it’s crap, sorry in advance. But the blue in the cover sparked me to do a blue post. I know shatter nails are pretty much out by now, but I do love the shade of this polish. It looks particularly amazing if you do it over white nails. The mascara is my current go to. I have what I like to call “guylashes” – no length, no volume. This mascara doesn’t do much for volume, but they really do make them look so much longer than they are, which is all I want. This wire art is something I got awhile back and still haven’t hung up, even though I love it. One day I’ll grab some nails and a stepladder . . . The brush is, well, my hairbrush. As for this makeup remover, I WISH YOU COULD SEE IT UPRIGHT. I just got this yesterday in my Sephora box and I haven’t used it yet because I just bought a makeup remover (isn’t that always the way?) but the blue and clear liquid are separated in the bottle, even if you shake it up. I’m easily amused, okay?

You Got Me Buzzing Just Like . . .


The 80’s are making a comeback.

Everywhere I look, a sign of the decade seems to be cropping up. Stranger Things was all anyone could talk about (I still haven’t seen it. Iknowdon’tkillme). My instagram feed is full of makeup artist doing all sorts of creative, bright and colorful things with eyeshadows (and lipsticks!). Stars and beauty gurus are flipping their hair to one side for volume or going straight for the spiral curls (a trend I will NOT be hopping on). Even the  the remake of It has been reset in the 80’s (I’m not a horror movie buff, but I have a thing for Bill Skarsgård. Not as a psycho clown, but as anything else and we’re getting sidetracked . . .)

And of course, neon.

Neon nails, neon jewelry, neon eyeshadow, neon lipstick, even neon hair. I was born in 1986, so neon colors were definitely part of my generation’s childhood. I liked any color that had the word “electric” in front of it. Even as a teenager, my dream car was a neon, lime green Volkswagen (one day) and my room was decorated with blacklight posters, a lime green lava lamp, plastic neon hearts and smilies and flowers that stuck to my wall. Black was my favorite, but if I had to do color, it was going to be in-your-face color, nothing ordinary or pastel and washed out.

Yeah. I liked neon.

Recently, I got the new Monster High movie because yes, I really like Monster High. As you can see from the pic, there’s an electric theme going on. But I can see so many cues from the 80’s happening, from the crimped hair to the big ruffles and bows to, yes, the neon.

It’s a trend I’m more than happy to ride on for a little while.

Even if you’re not ready to go full on with an hot pink sweater or canary yellow skinny jeans, you can always sneak it in with a little accessory. Although I say sneak, but, no matter water, neon wants to be noticed.

But that’s sort of the point.


Choker – Monsoon (sold out)

Nail polish – China Glaze in “Turned Up Turqoise”

Glasses – zeroUV in Green

March Playlist


March brought the end of one of my favorite shows: The Vampire Diaries. I had a whole post I was planning on doing for it and was very excited about it. I had planned to collaborate with my good friend, Charissa, on it. Charissa is an extremely creative talent I’ve known since grade school, and an even bigger TVD fan than I am. She lives out of state (let’s face it: all my friends do now) so I planned to take the train up to visit with her. We were going to watch the finale together, and then the next day were going to take photos for the blog in different locations she had in mind. Except that day a huge snowstorm decided to hit. It was nice just chilling together, writing and watching bad movies (Grizzly Rage, anyone?), but it meant the blog post was out of the question. I still plan on doing it, but it just takes a bit of planning for me to get up there again. Maybe when the final season hits DVD, we’ll see.

Sooo the beginning of this playlist has a lot of songs featured on The Vampire Diaries that I liked and didn’t already have on my iPod. Brand new music wasn’t as heavy as last month, but I did get a new song from Amy Lee and All Time Low (which I’m loving the video for).

As always, stars are high recommendations.

  1. “Gravity” Sara Bareilles
  2. “Yet” Switchfoot
  3. “Cosmic Love” Florence + The Machine
  4. “This Magic Moment” The Misfits ft. Ronnie Spector
  5. “Wires” Athlete
  6. “Amen Omen” Ben Harper
  7. “Don’t You Remember” Adele
  8. “Eternal Flame” Candice King & S.O. Stereo
  9. “Be Still” The Fray
  10. “I Swear” All-4-One
  11. “Winter Song” Ingrid Michaelson & Sara Bareilles
  12. “Go In Peace” Candice King
  13. “Still Hurting” Candice King
  14. “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” Candice King
  15. “Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee” Walter Catlett
  16. “Red Earth & Pouring Rain” Bear’s Den *
  17. “Speak To Me” Amy Lee
  18. “Night Moves” Bob Seger & The Silver Bullett Band
  19. “Lost Stars” Keira Knightley
  20. “Drag Me Down” One Direction
  21. “My December” Linkin Park
  22. “Last Young Renegade” All Time Low *
  23. “Do Or Die” Afrojack & 30 Seconds to Mars
  24. “I’m Alive” Aaron Tveit
  25. “When the Heart Dies” Nataša Mirković De Ro
  26. “It’s Alright, It’s OK” Ashley Tisdale
  27. “Break Your Halo” Andy Black
  28. “Story” The Lookouts
  29. “We Let It All Out” Good Charlotte
  30. “My Name Is Benjamin Button” Brad Pitt
  31. “Hall Of Fame” Jacob Artist, Blake Jenner, Chord Overstreet, Samuel Larsen, Kevin McHale


Art prints

Casual Disney

Warm weather is supposedly right around the corner. If you live somewhere else. According to my weather app, we’re supposed to get snow on Friday. I actually like the cold because I know the alternative is being hot. I’m not a fan of summer–the heat, sweat, frizz, the sun . . . no thank you.

One of the things that I always hated about summer was the need to expose more skin. I am a firm pants wearer and hadn’t put on a pair of shorts since my early teen years. I do not like my legs. There’s the obvious overweight factor, but I’m overweight everywhere, so that really wasn’t it. I have weird red bumps and pores that stand out even more since I’m super pale, a badly done tattoo, and one ankle that is thicker than the other. But last summer, I saw a pair of shorts I liked online, that actually came in my size, and ordered them. I can’t tell you how many times I put them on, took them off, wrestled with myself if I should walk out of the house. I felt like everyone was going to stare at the girl with the super-short shorts, exposing her pasty thunder thighs, even though, logically, I know no one actually gives a f*ck. So I wore them out. Aaaand that was about it.

So with spring officially starting this month, I decided to show an outfit I wore last summer when I went to Disney World (which HOLY NO, NEVER GO TO DISNEY WORLD IN JUNE).


I already talked extensively about the black cut off shorts, so I’ll stop. The white t-shirt is super soft and airy and perfect for hot weather. It can be quite see-through, though, so I’d stick a cami underneath. I feel like even my nude-colored bra shows through, because the material can be a bit clingy.

The shredded shorts make their own statement, but since the tee is so plain, it allows you to go in whatever direction you want with the accessories!

The gladiator sandals came from ASOS, but I don’t recommend stomping around Disney in them. These boots aren’t made for walking (and they’re not boots). However, they’re fine for something casual, and I love that you can zipper up the back and not have to mess with all the buckles.

collageFor my wrist I stuck with a plain(ish) cuff with black pyramid studs. The rest of the jewelry, I went full Disney for obvious reasons. The Mickey Mouse-shaped earrings actually didn’t make it to me in time for my Disney trip, BUT I MEANT TO WEAR THEM OKAY, SO SHH. They’re made of of tiny little black studs and are really cute. They’re a little bigger than I thought they would be, but they still work.

My favorite part of this look is definitely the Beauty and the Beast themed necklace. I love glitter and charms, and old looking writing and little corked bottles, so it’s a win all around. It pulls the gold from the sandals’ buckles and, if you like a tiny bit of color, the little rose on the top of the bottle is really cute.

So remember kids: plain clothes don’t have to be plain, take a fashion risk even if you’re set in your ways, and stay out of Florida in June.