Rocksbox Subscription


Oh, we all know how much I love a good subscription box. And we also know how much I love my accessories. And here comes Rocksbox!

Normally, I don’t like the subscription services where you pay a monthly fee but don’t get to keep the items unless you pay more, but here me out on this one. When you sign up, you take a style profile quiz, so they can get a feel for your tastes. (For example, I prefer silver jewelry and don’t even think about sending me anything with fabric tassels on it.) They pair you with a stylist who picks out three pieces for you, either from your wish list or something they think you’ll like. You can keep the pieces for as long or as little as you want. If you get them Monday and want to ship them back Tuesday, do it! As soon as they get notified that their return label has been put in the system, they’ll immediately start curating a new set for you. Or you can keep the jewelry for months and weeks and years if you want (though I don’t recommend that one). Regardless how fast you cycle through them, you’ll still get charged the same $21 once a month, which I think is pretty cool, especially if you want to wear some nice jewelry but like to mix it up.

If there is something you want to keep, your $21 goes toward the purchase of that item. Also, the more pieces in the set you keep, the more money is taken off the total.

Okay, so enough of the logistics. Let’s get to the fun stuff: the jewelry.


For my first box, they sent me a pair of “Lee” earrings from Kendra Scott (retail $55). I had put these dangly earrings on my wishlist because they had an antique look to them that I loved.

The next item was also from my wishlist and this was actually the first thing I put on there: a tiny silver sugar skull necklace from Sophie Harper (retail $55). Dainty little silver necklaces are so versatile because you can layer them with other pieces or go for a more delicate look by wearing it alone. What I love about this as well, is it has a nice classic look that it could be worn casually, yes, but also to something more professional or formal, and yet, you still get that edge because at the end of the day, you’re still wearing a skull necklace.

The last item wasn’t on my wishlist, but picked by my stylist. Now, if you don’t like something that the stylist chose, you can opt to have her/him choose something else, which I almost did because I wasn’t so sure about this one. But in the end, I decided to take a chance and I am so glad I did because the picture on the website didn’t do it justice. These “Willow” earrings by Ava Rose looked like some sort of pearl or opal on the website, but actually, these silver studs are druzy (retail $75). They’re SO sparkly and actual gemstones. They’re definitely statement earrings and would dress up any casual outfit or go great with something more formal.

If you want to try out Rocksbox, get your first month FREE (my favorite price) by clicking here or by using  the code CAILINBFF9. Then let me know what you got because I’m super curious!

May 2018 Playlist


Everyone goes through things and everyone has their own personal demons. Some people have to conquer their own every day. Some people go through long stretches of time where they realize, “Hey, I haven’t even thought about doing that in a long time,” when it was something they struggled with minute by minute at another point in their life. Those moments make you feel proud of yourself. Hey, I did it! I overcame! Look at me!

So when you backslide, it’s frustrating. On top of your demons that feel like they’re winning at the moment, now you have this overwhelming guilt that you let them. That you’ve been laying in bed for five hours in the middle of the day, unable to get yourself to pick up a book or a pen or even put on a movie on Netflix. That you let your mind go to all the ugly places it’s comfortable going. And that your stubborn ass can’t pick up the phone and just text someone and say, “Hey, can you pray for me? I’m not doing so great tonight.” You just want to be fine. Normal.

Yesterday, I was reading an essay by Karen Mahoney from the book Life Inside My Mind: 31 Authors Share Their Personal Struggles (which is amazing btw) and at the end, she says, “So rock your weirdness. Fly your freak flag. Be yourself, no matter what your flavor of mental illness. Who cares about normal?” I literally said out loud, “Yeah, right. I’d give fucking anything to be normal.” But I’m not and I need to learn to be okay with that again. But I also not need to be okay with the dark places my mind goes either.

So this month’s playlist was all about music that made me feel. That’s not to say that it’s all happy music, because it’s not. It’s music that’s moved me somehow, old favorites that are comfortable and familiar, total jams that I rediscovered, tunes that make my pen fly across the page with I write, and, yes, made me put my face in hands and cry as my heart broke. It’s random. It’s erratic. It’s nerdy and sad and confusing. It’s a lot of things that don’t really make sense.

It’s me.

  1. “Wasted Time” Overstreet
  2. “Love Is Madness” Thirty Seconds to Mars feat. Halsey
  3. “Opening” Howard McGillin, Vanessa Hudgens & Gigi New Broadway Cast Ensemble
  4. “Perfect” Ed Sheeran
  5. “Only The Good Die Young” Billy Joel
  6. “Comes And Goes (In Waves)” Greg Laswell
  7. “Every Breath You Take” Police
  8. “One Last Hope” Danny DeVito
  9. “Down in Flames” Ella Vos
  10. “Too Late” M83
  11. “You Are The Best Thing” Ray LaMontagne
  12. “Fast Car” Tracy Chapman
  13. “Tiny Dancer” Elton John
  14. “Maybe It’s Because I Love You Too Much” Keira Knightley
  15. “Dancing on My Own” Calum Scott
  16. “What Makes You Beautiful” Luke Friend
  17. “Girl Crush” Harry Styles
  18. “Wild World” Mike Bailey, Nicholas Hoult, Malcolm Titley and Joe Dempsie
  19. “And I Love Her” The Beatles
  20. “Fever Dog” Stillwater
  21. “Video Games” John Mayer
  22. “Turn Back Time” Aqua
  23. “Stand By Me” Ben E. King
  24. “I Want You To Want Me (Live) ” Cheap Trick
  25. “A Different Kind of Pain” Cold
  26. “Johnny B. Goode” Chuck Berry
  27. “I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)” Fall Out Boy
  28. “Barracuda” Heart
  29. “Lips of an Angel” Hinder
  30. “Please Be Mine” Jonas Brothers
  31. “Just the Way You Are” Billy Joel

MeowBox Unboxing: May 2018


I love subscription boxes. If I were a rich bitch, I’d be subscribed to one for every area of my life. As it is, I’ve limited myself to two, and one of them isn’t even really for me. MeowBox is a subscription service for, you guessed it, cats. They send it out every month for $22.95 (that includes shipping) and it has about four cat toys and a cat treat (if your cat is on a special diet, you can opt to get an extra toy instead of kitty snacks). I thought I’d do an unboxing/review of this month’s just to show you what sort of thing you can expect.


Elena (back) and Damon

We have two little hellions in our house, Elena (who belongs to my roommate) and Damon (my cat). While Damon could eat his weight in cat food if I let him, he’s not big on cat treats, but he loves the toys. We keep all their toys in a basket and he dives his head in and pulls out a couple one by one and then decides which one he wants to play with and leaves them around the house (mostly outside my bedroom door while I’m working). Elena, on the other hand is obsessed with snacks, both the human and kitty variety, so it’s nice to give them both something new every month, especially since they’re still so young. Younger cats act out more when they’re bored and, just like human children, they can get bored their their toys.

img_1432.jpgWhat’s nice about every box is they hand write the cat’s (or cats’ in our case) name inside the box, which just makes it feel a little more personal and less corporate. I also, swear that they spray the box with some sort of cat nip something-or-other, because the cats always seem to know that this box is for them. Well, Elena does anyway. Damon’s not the brightest cat I’ve never come across.

Every box has a different theme that month and this month, it was called “Compliments to the Chef,” which was, yes, cooking themed.


In addition to the goodies, every box comes with an adorable little postcard (that ends up on our fridge) and has a little poem on the back.


Go Getti Spaghetti


All right, so this was a cute idea in theory. Your basic wand toy where the wand is a fork, the string is spaggettii and the toy at the end is a meatball, which says it has catnip inside it. However, Elena gave this one tug and the spaggetti came right off the fork. This is the only toy I’ve had from them that broke, so I wasn’t too irritated. But yeah. Not the best one in the box.

Kitty Oven Mitt


Please note Damon in the background, wondering why the hell I’m not dropping all these things on the ground. This teeny oven mitt is stuffed with catnip and crinkles, which always captures the cat’s attention.

Whiskers’ Whisk


This is definitely one I find around the house a lot and have to keep putting in their basket. Catnip in the handle on this one. I don’t know why they’re trying to drug my cats . . .

Baguette Mini Kicker


First of all, how cute in the little bread paper! Second, this one is by far Damon’s favorite. Maybe it was the catnip, but he was immediately drawn to it and barely looked at the other toys as I laid them out.


Vital Essentials Duck Liver Treats


Pure duck liver that’s freeze dried. Yum. Damon doesn’t much care for this, but again, he’s not big on snacks. Elena actually didn’t take to this at first either. I think freeze dried snack throw her off a little, but the last few times I’ve given her one, she’s been eating them.

If you’re interested in subscribing to the box, let me know and I can send you a referral email that will get you $5 off the first box!


Met Gala 2018: My Picks

So the theme of the night was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination (not sure what the hell that subtitle is supposed to mean. No pun intended). Some people nailed the theme. Some people took it to the extreme. Some made me think that they missed the memo. But anyway, here are my favorites of the night.

Best Group Look: Jared Leto, Lana Del Rey and Alessandro Michele in Gucci



I love the clear cohesiveness of this ensemble look. The blues, the whites, the embroidery, just yes. Also, I love Jared Leto. I love Lana Del Rey. I know they’re not a couple, but I’d be totally fine if they were, please.

Best Hair: Jasmine Sanders by Renda Attia


I’m generally not a fan of braids, but come on. This is just amazing. And those are real roses! Sleeping Beauty anyone?

Best Headpeice: Nicki Minaj and Priyanka Chopra

A tie. I don’t know who for sure designed these pieces. I know Nicki was wearing Oscar de la Renta and Priyanka was in Ralph Lauren, but I don’t know if that necessarily means they designed the headpeices. BUT LOOK HOW PRETTY. I couldn’t decide. On the one hand, Nicki’s is more my style (hello black and red) and I would have no problem wearing that any day of the week. However, I wasn’t crazy about her dress (despite the epic tulle train) whereas Priyanka’s overall look was just awesome (sidebar: She was my favorite last year).

Best Male: Chadwick Boseman in Atelier Versace


Most of the guys were pretty tame, if not downright boring. Not Mr. Boseman! On theme and just enough over the top without being plain silly. Also, there was gold glitter in his hair. Enough said.

Honorable Mentions: Ariana Grande in Vera Wang and Gigi Hadid in Versace

I like the soft, classic painting-come-to-life feel of Ariana’s look (yes, even with the “giant baby bow” as my roommate called it). And usually I think the single sleeve is awkward looking, but this Versace dress on Gigi has such a perfect balance. I love the design and the shape and everything about it.

Best Overall: Blake Lively in Versace


YES. YES. YES. JUST EVERYTHING YES ABOUT THIS WHOLE THING. I love the color, I love the detail, I love the jewels, I love the train, I love the hair, I love the nails, I love her! I thought I would be biased because Blake Lively is always on my girl crush list, but COME ON.


Like, what.




Hi, yes, somebody do my nails like this please.

Who the hell is Kiki Littles?

It all started with a floating head named Chuck . . .

History of the Mt. Blue Universe

It was a regular fifth grade recess when my friend, Lara (follow her blog The Picky Gourmet!) came up to me and said, “Look what I drew in class.” She produced a penciled drawing of a cartoon face sporting a backward hat, buck teeth, freckles, and crossed eyes. “His name is Chuck. Isn’t he awesome?” He was our mascot for the rest of recess.

I decided I wanted to make one of these cartoon faces too. This one was a girl with black hair, crossed eyes, and a big bow. I carefully wrote the character’s name at the top if the notebook paper.



This is actually the second drawing I ever did of Kiki. Sometimes it pays to be a pack rat.

At a chorus concert put on by our younger brothers’ class, I showed my creation to my friend, Charissa (my current roommate). I told her about Chuck and how, by this point, Lara had drawn a few more characters, including a brunette with a side ponytail named Amber, Chuck’s girlfriend. Charissa loved the idea and declared she wanted to make a character of her own. She created a full-bodied cartoon teenager with blonde pigtails and a more realistic look (no cross eyes) and named her Brandy.

Lara and I jumped on the bandwagon of turning our female characters full-bodied and realistic. We also began signing their names with little symbols – Kiki with a flower and Amber with a star.

Along with their new look was the creation of boyfriends. Chuck was discarded and instead Lara created a Leonardo DiCaprio look-a-like named Tobias (after her favorite Animorph character). Charissa pulled from real life and used Taylor Hanson, her celebrity crush (though he’s referred to now as Jordan, Taylor Hanson’s first name). I created a preppy football player with an earring.


It was around this time that I began writing a journal for Kiki, detailing a drama-filled summer full of break-ups, friend fights, and a meeting with the Spice Girls (can you tell what decade it was yet?). In the midst of the ongoing project, Lara decided to scrap Amber and start over, creating a redhead with a little alien sticking out his tongue as her symbol named Taylor. The alien went to a mushroom and that wasn’t the only change to the group. Our friend, Devon (whom I’ve been friends with since kindergarten and was actually my foster sister for awhile), became inspired to make her own character, Amber. She had no idea Lara had an old character of the same name. Stranger still, her symbol was also a star. Devon followed suit and created a boyfriend for Amber named Jack. But he wouldn’t last long.

Charissa wanted to make another male character, but not necessarily a new boyfriend for Brandy (even though she had grown out of her Hanson phase). She created a black-haired skateboarder with a rough home life named Brent. At first, he was just Brandy’s cousin, but Devon was intrigued with the idea of Amber, who was academically driven and generally well-behaved, falling for a bad boy. They were made into a couple and Jack was briefly transferred over as Brandy’s boyfriend.

Not long after, Lara made a few changes. She changed Taylor’s symbol to a butterfly and grew tired of Tobias, who was now called Kit, since Charissa gave Brandy’s brother the same name. Instead, she created someone unique for Taylor – a sweet goofball with changing colored streaks in a mop of black hair that covered his eyes named Busta.

But Charissa had one final character to make. On the back of her shop homework (which she still has!), she drew a blond boy with a mouth full of braces and a Red Sox hat. He would become Brandy’s final boyfriend, A.J.

All these changes took place from sixth grade through our freshman year of high school. Throughout, we continued to draw our characters on everything from book covers to party invitations to posterboard and even painted them on the cafeteria wall for our junior high mural. Multiple journals and stories were written about the group from the fictional town of Mt. Blue, California, and as time went on, each character developed more of a history and a distinct personality.

By sophomore year, the four of us went their separate ways and not much was done with the characters for the remains of high school. We did have a mini reunion during our senior year where we drew and wrote about our characters, but that’s as far as it went. College separated us even more (well, college for them. I never went) and it wasn’t until our twenties that we got together for dinner and reignited our friendships.

In the spring of 2012, Charissa and I came up with the idea of writing a new story involving all the characters. It would focus on the gang graduating high school and separating, only to come back for their five year reunion. Charissa and I primarily wrote the story, posting chapters on Insanejournal for Lara and Devon to read. After a month, the entries stopped, but the characters and the story remained in our minds and our friendship stayed intact.

 Four years later, I finally posted a new chapter. The resurgence of the story not only sparked interest in that project, but multiple others. New drawings, new journals, and music videos – a new medium using footage of actors we felt represented our characters. Plus, Lara once again changed Taylor’s symbol to a diamond (some things never change!). We became more serious about establishing each person’s history and started combing through old notebooks to set a definite timeline.

Kiki Littles

So now that you know the history of how these characters came about, I want to talk about the evolution of my particular character, Kiki. As I said, she started off just a goofy cartoon. I don’t remember when I gave her the last name Littles. I do remember it was fifth grade that I started drawing her more “realistically” (read: without crossed eyes) and drawing her in clothes that I thought were cool.

I know it was also fifth grade that I created Jake and I think he always had the last name West. Nothing about him has ever changed. He has always had brown eyes and side parted brown hair. He’s always been dressed like a poster boy for American Eagle and he always was obsessed with football. So back to Kiki.

Even though Kiki is the oldest character in the “Mt. Blue crew,” as we call them, I feel like she’s gone through a lot of changes. She started off with long hair and bangs, but I quickly changed that to a straight, chin length bob to match Victoria from the Spice Girls (Yeah, I liked the one that never smiled and always wore black. Shocker). We used to draw different outfits for our characters (from normal things like prom and cheer-leading to more obscure occasions like babysitting and cat-walking), but my default outfit for Kiki was baggy jeans and a crop top. At some point, I started drawing her with a medium-length layered cut and a baseball tee. When I got together with my friends our senior year, I actually draw Kiki with a more goth look, reflecting my own clothing choices and what I liked.

I scrapped that idea pretty quick though. That wasn’t who she was. At that point, Kiki had become her own character. In the beginning, she was a reflection of the sort of girl I wanted to be, someone that could wear what she wanted, had a hot boyfriend, etc. But now she was someone different than me in so many ways and remains to be.

I actually gave her traits that I personally couldn’t relate to on a personal level, but were traits I didn’t see represented in the TV shows I watched or the books I read. When she was first created, she was Caucasian, hence the bland last name Littles. I don’t remember when I decided to make her Mexican. I remember I was learning Spanish (which I can’t remember any of now -_-) and I thought it would be fun to incorporate that into her. I thought I made this decision later on, but looking back at some of the oldest stories, she had a little brother named Miguel and she talks about visiting her family in Mexico over the summer, so I think I made the decision earlier than I thought.

I also wanted her to not be very good in school. Again, I don’t know where this came from because I was pretty good in school (until eighth/ninth grade when I suffered from severe depression and my grades suffered along with it). I knew Kiki wasn’t “stupid” or even had a learning disability. Back then as a teenager, I just explained it as “school just isn’t her thing.” She worked hard at it and was smart in a practical sense, but she still brought home D’s.

Again, I didn’t see this represented much in the characters I read about or watched back then (this was 90s and 00s). Now, decisions to make characters that are POC or in an interracial relationship or representing that not everybody learns the same way is intentional. For me and Kiki it just happened. It’s just who she was and who Jake was. Maybe it was “progressive” back then, but I didn’t think much about it.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

New Story

As I said, I’m going to be posting chapters for a new story based on Kiki in my blog. I don’t have a definite plot set out, but I know I wanted to get back to the root of when my friends and I wrote our characters, when it was the six core characters together and coupled off and having the “ideal” high school experience (whatever the hell that means). But I also wanted to touch on those themes of race and school, particularly how Kiki sort of struggled with these things on her own.

It’s a bit scary. For one thing, putting your fiction out there for anyone to read is a little intimidating in and of itself. On an honest note, there’s a fear of putting Kiki out there in the world. She’s so personal to me and I have such a deep history with this character. Writing and drawing her has always been like breathing for me. I know her like I know me. But we also live in an era where people are easily offended. While I’ve never made Kiki an offensive stereotype (and I don’t fear that I will), there’s more the nerves that people will roll their eyes and think that I need to check my “white privilege” before I write a story about a Mexican-American. I mean, I’m 50% Irish, 50% Italian, single, and my parents were born in bred in New England. What the hell do I know about being Latinx with an immigrant parent and being in an interracial relationship?

But it goes back to why I gave Kiki those traits to begin with. I wanted her to be different than what I saw out there back in ye olden days of Dawson’s Creek. Sure, she and I had different heritages, but we both liked shopping and cute boys and music and had annoying little brothers (Sorry, Spencer). I think representation is important (that might be the most millennial sentence I’ve ever typed) and I don’t think writers should hold back from creating characters that are different from themselves because of the fear that they’ll “get it wrong.”

So why me?

Why not me?

So here she is, ladies and gentlemen. Kiki Littles, eyes uncrossed and the realest she’s ever been.

Nails and Stories

One complaint and one announcement. So the complaint is that I wasn’t able to get all the colors in the Vanessa Hudgens Festival collection from Sinful Colors. By the time I got to Ulta, they had already taken down the display (even though one of the colors never came in, in stores or online) and three of the colors were sold out within a week of going online. I will say I’m loving the colors I did get (currently wearing “Hand’s Up). Inexpensive but great quality!

Now the announcement. I’m going to be starting a new story about my oldest character, Kiki Littles, who I created when I was 11. I’m going to do a whole blog post about her in the near future. But for now, hope everyone’s having a great weekend!


🌧 Rainy day coziness. 🌧

Do you prefer the traditional book or an audiobook? I’m a real book girl all the way, however if an actor I like of doing an audiobook, I’ll definitely give it a listen. These are my newest books (like I needed more) and the ones I’m curling up with on this super rainy day.

The first is Life Inside My Mind, which is a collection of essays about mental health from different writers, including my favorite, Francesca Lia Block. The audiobook is The Fates Divide by Veronica Roth, the sequel to Carve the Mark. Carve The Mark was narrated by my favorite actor Austin Butler, whose voice is just pure butter (or if you don’t like butter, substitute it with something else delicious and wonderful. The point is, he could read the dictionary and it would do things to me). When I saw there was a sequel I crossed my fingers it too would feature that wonderful voice and Haaaalelujah! It does!

No coziness is complete without tea and candles and cats in my opinion. For tea, I’m drinking Yogi Tea’s Healthy Skin (which sounds very tree hugger of me, but I just like the taste) in my trusty Little Mermaid mug, which I got from The Disney Store. The candle is from the Zoella Lifestyle collection and it aptly names Lazy Days. As for cats, Damon is one of a kind and you can’t have him. Sorry.

Goodbye Polyvore


As many of you fashion lovers know, yesterday it was announced that Polyvore was being replaced by SSENSE, a company I personally have never heard of. There was no warning, no lead up time to when the change would take place. One hour it was there and the next it wasn’t. What was once a unique, creative, and social community where everyone had a passion for fashion and beauty and product sharing, is now just essentially an online store.

For me personally, Polyvore really fueled and helped me get more into clothing. It allowed me to find stores that I otherwise would never have heard of, see clothing or accessories I probably would never have bought, except that someone created a set and showed me a way it could be worn, inspiring me to get it and put my own twist on it. It featured items from high end stores like Barney’s and Nordstrom and Bergdorf Goodman all the way to something more attainable, like Amazon and Target and Walmart. And the sets people created often mixed the two, proving that it’s never about the price tag. It’s about style. It was a place I never tried to gain followers and likes, but I got hundreds of them anyway, without trying, just being myself.

Unfortunately, it was also where I had a LOT (and by a LOT, I mean, a majority) of my content organized for this blog. Apparently, the site is offering members a chance to request a download of their collections/creations, but I haven’t received my download yet and I honestly don’t know what that’s going to look like when/if I do.

So. In the meantime, I’ll still be trying to post, but I’m probably gonna need a big to find a new outlet to get myself organized and plan some new content. If any of you know or can recommend a site very similar to Polyvore, I’d love to hear your suggestions.

In the meantime, a hearty f*ck you to everyone involved in this merger. It could have been handled WAY better and I personally will be avoiding SSENSE as much as I can.

What I’m Coveting From Macy’s

Welcome to my new blog series “What I’m Coveting.” I know coveting is a sin but the title is catchier than “What I saw and wanted but can’t have right now so while I’m grateful for everything I have this would be nice.” These will be short little posts done whenever the mood strikes, those times when I’m browsing online stores and adding things to my wishlist (it’s retail therapy without spending money), the things I want to share but can’t or haven’t actual bought myself, or when I just want to drop hints about gift ideas. So, probably daily. Sometimes it might be an entire wardrobe of things. Sometimes, just an item. It’s whatever I feel like, damnit. (I know. Cursing is frowned upon too).

So today, I bring you, what I’ve coveting from Macy’s, and we just have two items, both in the beauty category.


The first is a lipstick by Smashbox in the Be Legendary matte lipstick in “Infrared,” which is a true red shade. I know. I have plenty of lipstick and plenty of red lipstick, but not this shade and not in matte. It’s $21, so a bit pricey for a lipstick. But it would be a nice splurge!


The next (and last) is a nail polish by Essie. Maybe it’s the leftover Easter vibes that has be eyeing this shade called “Turquoise & Caicos,” but whatever. It’s $9, which to me, anything under $10 that you actually want is a bargain.

Both these can be bought at if you want to grab them for yourself and make me jealous of you!

March Playlist


Happy spring! Here in New England, sometimes it feels like it, sometimes it doesn’t. Right now, we’re in a “doesn’t” period. Anyway, you’ll notice there haven’t been any posts this month and there hasn’t been a real reason for it. I’ve been posting a lot on Instagram (@thecailin), but I really need to be cross posting those pictures onto here of the products I’m loving or using or buying. There will (hopefully) be more content this month. One reason is I put a poll on my Instagram stories, asking people what they were interested in seeing me post. Thankfully, I got some solid and honest feedback and so I have some cool posts in the works, one of which will be a series where the first one is going up tomorrow (I know. Whaaaat?)

But onto the music of March.

Again, stuck mostly with my records this month, so hence the One Direction, Lana Del Rey, Simon & Garfunkel, Beach Boys, and John Lennon.

I did a lot of good writing this month and I downloaded some tunes by Halsey, Fink, ZAYDE WØLF, and Pim Stones that got me in the mood.

New music that came out this month includes Jax & Nash Overstreet, Thirty Seconds to Mars (SO EXCITED FOR THE ALBUM THIS MONTH), A$AP Rocky, Johnnie Mikel, Vann, and Rob Pennington.

Oh, yes, and some music from The Hunchback of Notre Dame soundtrack. My roommate and I watched it this month I realized I only had one song in my library. So that’s amended.

  1. “Night Changes” One Direction
  2. “No Control” One Direction
  3. “Castle” Halsey
  4. “Fireproof” One Direction
  5. “Spaces” One Direction
  6. “Stockholm Syndrome” One Direction
  7. “Clouds” One Direction
  8. “Once In A Lifetime” One Direction
  9. “Act My Age” One Direction
  10. “Ride” Lana Del Rey
  11. “Cola” Lana Del Rey
  12. “Body Electric” Lana Del Rey
  13. “Blue Velvet” Lana Del Rey
  14. “Gods & Monsters” Lana Del Rey
  15. ” Yayo” Lana Del Rey
  16. ” Bel Air” Lana Del Rey
  17. ” Somewhere They Can’t Find Me” Simon & Garfunkel
  18. ” Surfer Girl” Beach Boys
  19. ” Looking Too Closely” Fink
  20. ” The Last One I Made” Pim Stones
  21. “Imagine” John Lennon
  22. ” Back on My Bullshit (B.O.M.B.)” Jax & Nash Overstreet
  23. ” One Track Mind” Thirty Seconds to Mars feat. A$AP Rocky
  24. ” Friday Night” Johnnie Mikel
  25. ” Save Tonight” ZAYDE WØLF
  26. ” The Bells Of Notre Dame” Cornell University Chorus, David Ogden Stiers, English National Opera, Paul Kandel, and Tony Jay
  27. ” Topsy Turvy” Paul Kandel
  28. ” God Help The Outcasts” Heidi Mollenhauer, Cornell University Chorus
  29. ” Rescue Me” Thirty Seconds to Mars
  30. ” Future in You” Vann
  31. ” Brooks & Dunn” Rob Pennington