The Cailin is a blog focused on plus size fashion that I enjoy and have purchased. All opinions are my own.

What to know about my style and size

If it comes in black, I’ll take it. I wouldn’t go so far to say my style is gothic, punk, or even edgy, though it has been labeled that way by others. If black isn’t your thing, most of what I post probably isn’t for you.

I can only speak for my own body type and what fits me. Everyone is different and I strongly suggest knowing your measurements before shopping online and always check the size guide. An XL is not the same everywhere. I’ve had Large t-shirts that were swimming on me, and I’ve had XXL tops that couldn’t fit over my chest.

Bust – 43 in/109 cm, DDD cup

Waist – 40 in/101 cm

Hips – 47 in/119 cm

Shoes – 7.5 US/ 38 EU / 5.5 UK