MeowBox Unboxing: May 2018


I love subscription boxes. If I were a rich bitch, I’d be subscribed to one for every area of my life. As it is, I’ve limited myself to two, and one of them isn’t even really for me. MeowBox is a subscription service for, you guessed it, cats. They send it out every month for $22.95 (that includes shipping) and it has about four cat toys and a cat treat (if your cat is on a special diet, you can opt to get an extra toy instead of kitty snacks). I thought I’d do an unboxing/review of this month’s just to show you what sort of thing you can expect.


Elena (back) and Damon

We have two little hellions in our house, Elena (who belongs to my roommate) and Damon (my cat). While Damon could eat his weight in cat food if I let him, he’s not big on cat treats, but he loves the toys. We keep all their toys in a basket and he dives his head in and pulls out a couple one by one and then decides which one he wants to play with and leaves them around the house (mostly outside my bedroom door while I’m working). Elena, on the other hand is obsessed with snacks, both the human and kitty variety, so it’s nice to give them both something new every month, especially since they’re still so young. Younger cats act out more when they’re bored and, just like human children, they can get bored their their toys.

img_1432.jpgWhat’s nice about every box is they hand write the cat’s (or cats’ in our case) name inside the box, which just makes it feel a little more personal and less corporate. I also, swear that they spray the box with some sort of cat nip something-or-other, because the cats always seem to know that this box is for them. Well, Elena does anyway. Damon’s not the brightest cat I’ve never come across.

Every box has a different theme that month and this month, it was called “Compliments to the Chef,” which was, yes, cooking themed.


In addition to the goodies, every box comes with an adorable little postcard (that ends up on our fridge) and has a little poem on the back.


Go Getti Spaghetti


All right, so this was a cute idea in theory. Your basic wand toy where the wand is a fork, the string is spaggettii and the toy at the end is a meatball, which says it has catnip inside it. However, Elena gave this one tug and the spaggetti came right off the fork. This is the only toy I’ve had from them that broke, so I wasn’t too irritated. But yeah. Not the best one in the box.

Kitty Oven Mitt


Please note Damon in the background, wondering why the hell I’m not dropping all these things on the ground. This teeny oven mitt is stuffed with catnip and crinkles, which always captures the cat’s attention.

Whiskers’ Whisk


This is definitely one I find around the house a lot and have to keep putting in their basket. Catnip in the handle on this one. I don’t know why they’re trying to drug my cats . . .

Baguette Mini Kicker


First of all, how cute in the little bread paper! Second, this one is by far Damon’s favorite. Maybe it was the catnip, but he was immediately drawn to it and barely looked at the other toys as I laid them out.


Vital Essentials Duck Liver Treats


Pure duck liver that’s freeze dried. Yum. Damon doesn’t much care for this, but again, he’s not big on snacks. Elena actually didn’t take to this at first either. I think freeze dried snack throw her off a little, but the last few times I’ve given her one, she’s been eating them.

If you’re interested in subscribing to the box, let me know and I can send you a referral email that will get you $5 off the first box!



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