Black and Red Ombré Lip

So this is SO EASY to do. I’m sure there’s better techniques and more complicated ways to achieve the red and black ombré lip, but this is the way I do it. I AM OBVIOUSLY NOT A PROFESSIONAL. I didn’t grow up doing makeup (I actually wasn’t allowed until I was 18) so I got a very late start and my techniques are not top shelf. Obviously you can customize it with your own products and shades of red but this is how Cailin does it.

Trace the bottom lip with black lipstick. I use one by Hard Candy called “Black Diamond” that I got at WalMart. You can use a lip liner if you want, but just make sure it will smudge a little. You want it to be able to blend and bleed with the red. I actually used a thicker line than the one pictured. It’s up to you how much black you want.

Go over the entire lip with red. Dealer’s choice on this. You can use a lip liner and a lipstick, just a lipstick, just a lip liner. But again, something that is smudgeable. For mine I used a NARS matte liner called “Mysterious Red” over the whole lip, including over the black. Going over the black with the lip pencil automatically makes the colors bleed into each other. (Note: This is also where I added a thicker line of black as the original line was too thin to really see that gradient effect. Just be sure to go over it with more red if you do this

That’s it! Literally.

Now, I still haven’t figured out a way to get it to stay this perfect throughout the day. Tips welcome . . .


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