🌧 Rainy day coziness. πŸŒ§

Do you prefer the traditional book or an audiobook? I’m a real book girl all the way, however if an actor I like of doing an audiobook, I’ll definitely give it a listen. These are my newest books (like I needed more) and the ones I’m curling up with on this super rainy day.

The first is Life Inside My Mind, which is a collection of essays about mental health from different writers, including my favorite, Francesca Lia Block. The audiobook is The Fates Divide by Veronica Roth, the sequel to Carve the Mark. Carve The Mark was narrated by my favorite actor Austin Butler, whose voice is just pure butter (or if you don’t like butter, substitute it with something else delicious and wonderful. The point is, he could read the dictionary and it would do things to me). When I saw there was a sequel I crossed my fingers it too would feature that wonderful voice and Haaaalelujah! It does!

No coziness is complete without tea and candles and cats in my opinion. For tea, I’m drinking Yogi Tea’s Healthy Skin (which sounds very tree hugger of me, but I just like the taste) in my trusty Little Mermaid mug, which I got from The Disney Store. The candle is from the Zoella Lifestyle collection and it aptly names Lazy Days. As for cats, Damon is one of a kind and you can’t have him. Sorry.


7 thoughts on “🌧 Rainy day coziness. πŸŒ§

  1. I resisted both audio books and nook/kindle books for SO long…but on a recent long plane trip when I had no book to read, my niece bought me a nook and gave me access to her library, and I have to say I LOVE IT. Yes, I love actual BOOKS, the feel, seeing them in stacks on my bedside table, having full bookshelves, etc. BUT – the tablet is easier to hold when I’m reading in bed, I read faster with it, and I love the dictionary feature if there’s a word you’re familiar with. Plus, it fits easily in my purse from when I am waiting somewhere…and if I forget it, I can read from my phone. And the audio books are so great for my 45-minute commute to and from work. Also, I have limited bookspace in my current apartment, and while I TRY to always pass read books forward, there’s not always someone who wants them. So from an environmental standpoint, the table and audio books are very earth-friendly, not ending up in a landfill somewhere. So I’m glad I gave them a try after resisting them for so long πŸ™‚



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