What I’m Coveting From Macy’s

Welcome to my new blog series “What I’m Coveting.” I know coveting is a sin but the title is catchier than “What I saw and wanted but can’t have right now so while I’m grateful for everything I have this would be nice.” These will be short little posts done whenever the mood strikes, those times when I’m browsing online stores and adding things to my wishlist (it’s retail therapy without spending money), the things I want to share but can’t or haven’t actual bought myself, or when I just want to drop hints about gift ideas. So, probably daily. Sometimes it might be an entire wardrobe of things. Sometimes, just an item. It’s whatever I feel like, damnit. (I know. Cursing is frowned upon too).

So today, I bring you, what I’ve coveting from Macy’s, and we just have two items, both in the beauty category.


The first is a lipstick by Smashbox in the Be Legendary matte lipstick in “Infrared,” which is a true red shade. I know. I have plenty of lipstick and plenty of red lipstick, but not this shade and not in matte. It’s $21, so a bit pricey for a lipstick. But it would be a nice splurge!


The next (and last) is a nail polish by Essie. Maybe it’s the leftover Easter vibes that has be eyeing this shade called “Turquoise & Caicos,” but whatever. It’s $9, which to me, anything under $10 that you actually want is a bargain.

Both these can be bought at macys.com if you want to grab them for yourself and make me jealous of you!


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