February 2018 Playlist


I look forward to February every year. I’m one of those crazy single people that still love Valentine’s Day and even though I know nothing particularly special is going to happen on the day, I still get excited about my birthday. If nothing else, it’s a day where people buy me pizza. Unfortunately, this Valentine’s Day marked another tragedy in my country. I won’t go into it, lest I start crying again, but it needed a mention so this post didn’t come off as TRA LA LA FEBRUARY WAS WONDERFUL.

So instead, TRA LA LA LET’S TALK ABOUT BIRTHDAY PRESENTS AND MUSIC. Above, is all my birthday presents I received and I’m extremely grateful for everything (thank you cards are literally in the mail, but here’s another special shout out). I originally asked my parents for the Basketcase eyeliner that Billie Joe Armstrong put out with Kat Von D, but the Sephora near my parents didn’t have it in stock, so I bought some Anastasia Beverly Hills waterproof creme color in “Jet” and my mom was generous enough to buy it for me. I just realized it’s not pictured, but she also got me a bottle of One Direction’s perfume “Our Time”, which I found for $8 at HomeGoods. Say what you want, but every time I wear that sh*t, people always say, “You smell amazing. What is that?” Speaking of 1D, my brother got me their album Four on vinyl, which I’ll talk about more below, and also Venmoed me $30 so I could get myself some pizza (or paid my credit card bill, depending on how you look at it). My foster sister sent me $15 to Dunkin Donuts from all the way in San Francisco, which I’m psyched about because they have new Girl Scout coffee flavors I want to try out . . . My roommate got me a coloring book full of pictures of male celebrities as well as a Golden Girls themed Mad Libs which has me more excited than I can tell you. As always though, my best friend nailed it. She never flat out asks me what I want and I don’t drop any sort of hint, but she always picks out the perfect thing. She got me the Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale makeup brushes that I’ve been coveting forever as well as an awesome bracelet from Ebb and Flow, a jewelry brand co-founded by one of my many crushes.

So music. Listening to my record player while I chill with the cats and a book is still my favorite, so there’s a lot of Queen and Beach Boys on this playlist (between my roommate and I, we seem to have more Beach Boys records than anything else). As I said, there’s also this One Direction album, which I know came out in 2014, but so. good. I only knew a few songs from it, but now I am so in love with the song “18.” I can guarantee you that this album is gonna make it onto my March playlist as well, but I’ll put some different tracks on that one, promise.

Then there’s this song by The Band CAMINO. My friend Lara introduced me to this song awhile back, but this month I finally got around to putting it on my iPod and now I can’t stop listening to it. It works for writing. It works for chilling. It works for getting emotional. It works for working out. It. Just. Works.

This month, Ashley Tisdale released an EP with her husband, which is all acoustic and all covers. I really liked these stripped down versions, especially “Shut Up and Dance.”

There’s a couple of seemingly random country songs on here – a track from an episode of Nashville, one from Endless Summer and another by Painted West. The tie between them all is Summer Overstreet. I love her songwriting style and will almost always check out anything I find out she had a hand in. You should all check her out (plus her tweets are hilarious).

Oh right, then there’s this batch of classic Third Eye Blind that comes out of nowhere. You can blame Flight (my favorite coffee shop) for that one. I was in there towards the end of the money and they had what seemed to be Third Eye Blind’s Greatest Hits playing (if there ever is such a thing). My 90s self was jamming hard. (In my head anyway. Outside, I was calmly sipping my decaf mocha and reading an article about Sarah Paulson).

All right, people, until next month. In the meantime, let me know what you’ve been listening to or how you spent Valentine’s Day. Or what you’re hoping to get for your next birthday (even if you have to wait a whole year again like me).

  1. “The March of the Black Queen” Queen
  2. “Funny How Love Is” Queen
  3. “My Thoughts on You” The Band CAMINO *
  4. “Seven Seas of Rhye” Queen
  5. “Raised on a Song” Clare Bowen
  6. “Girl Don’t Tell Me” The Beach Boys
  7. “Issues” Ashley Tisdale feat. Chris French
  8. “Don’t Let Me Down” Ashley Tisdale
  9. “Shut up and Dance” Ashley Tisdale feat. Chris French
  10. “Stay” Ashley Tisdale
  11. “Toxic” Ashley Tisdale (feat. Chris French)
  12. “Your Own Kinda Beautiful” Endless Summer
  13. “All or Nothing” Painted West
  14. “Steal My Girl” One Direction
  15. “Ready to Run” One Direction
  16. “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” One Direction
  17. “18” One Direction *
  18. “Girl Almighty” One Direction
  19. “Fool’s Gold” One Direction
  20. “Jumper” Third Eye Blind
  21. “Wounded” Third Eye Blind
  22. “How’s It Going To Be” Third Eye Blind
  23. “Deep Inside You” Third Eye Blind
  24. “God Only Knows” The Beach Boys
  25. “Heroes and Villains” The Beach Boys
  26. “She Knows Me Too Well” The Beach Boys
  27. “The Little Girl I Once Knew” The Beach Boys
  28. “Surfin’ Safari” The Beach Boys