January 2018 Playlist


I feel like January was twice as long because I’ve been doing so many little changes in my life. Well, some little. I talked about this in my Gymsecure post, but I started going to gym almost every day with my roommate. I don’t love working out (at all), but I try to find little motivations to go that are more immediate rewards, like that I get to get out of the house and away from work for a guaranteed hour and watch a show or part of a movie while I’m on the treadmill. I’m was so much better at getting my work done this month than I have been before, which equates to more money (not much, but more just the same) and a little less stress about my bills. I’ve just generally been more organized. I don’t know what changes I want to implement for February, but I’m liking this small changes at a time thing.

But let’s talk about music. On the one hand, there’s not a lot of variety in my January playlist. I got a record player from my brother for Christmas and my new favorite thing has been to put a record on and read a book or my magazines on the couch with the cats. So there’s a lot of classic rock on here from basically the same artists. However, there’s some that diverge from that. One is a track by someone named Kristoff, who I’ve never heard of, but the track features Vann, who I said in another post I used to babysit way back in ye olden tymes. The next is the new one from 30 Seconds to Mars, who seem to be on a streak of releasing music impossible for me to hate. The final is a song by All Time Low that I already loved and had, but they released a live version of it and it’s still amazing.

  1. “I Believe” The Rascals
  2. “Do You Feel It” The Rascals
  3. “Good Lovin'” The Young Rascals
  4. “Like a Rolling Stone” The Rascals
  5. “Mustang Sally” The Young Rascals
  6. “I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore” The Young Rascals
  7. “In the Midnight Hour” The Young Rascals
  8. “You Can’t Catch Me” John Lennon
  9. “Ain’t That a Shame” John Lennon
  10. “Do You Want to Dance?” John Lennon
  11. “Sweet Little Sixteen” John Lennon
  12. “Slippin’ and Slidin'” John Lennon
  13. “Peggy Sue” John Lennon
  14. “Bring It On Home to Me / Send Me Some Lovin'” John Lennon
  15. “Bony Moronie” John Lennon
  16. “Ya Ya” John Lennon
  17. “Just Because” John Lennon
  18. “Pawn” Kristoff (feat. Vann)
  19. “Mrs. Vandebilt” Paul McCartney & Wings
  20. “Let Me Roll It” Paul McCartney & Wings
  21. “Mamunia” Paul McCartney & Wings
  22. “No Words” Paul McCartney & Wings
  23. “Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me)” Paul McCartney & Wings
  24. “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five” Paul McCartney & Wings
  25. “Dangerous Night” 30 Seconds to Mars
  26. “Some Day One Day” Queen
  27. “The Loser In the End” Queen
  28. “Ogre Battle” Queen
  29. “Drugs & Candy (Live)” All Time Low
  30. “The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke” Queen
  31. “Nevermore” Queen


In the photo:

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Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara in “Brownish Black”