I started with one and couldn’t stop. I love these lip glosses because they’re high quality but a good price. I’m an Ashley Tisdale fan anyway so I started off by buying “Skinny Dipping” (still my favorite) just to see if it was any good (it was) and then just went ahead and bought all the colors that were easy for me to get. These colors (“Aloha,” “Bonfire,” “Coral Reef,” “Hibiscus,” “Skinny Dipping,” And “Tan Lines”) can be purchased at Target or Ulta, or there’s these and more colors on the Illuminate website. I have some of the shadow pallets and lip/cheek creams so maybe I’ll do a post on them later on, but they also have false lashes, makeup brushes, bronzer, and shimmers, which I’d love to try once the ol’ bank account let’s me (the Illuminate website only offers free shipping if you spend $50, which isn’t exactly in the budget at the moment). But in the meantime, I’m enjoying these and so do other people that borrow them.

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