Goodbye 2017/Hello 2018

Is that not the most generic new year blog post? Oh well.


2017 was a big year for me. I finally moved out of my parents house for the first time, which was a huge adjustment. I was never clingy to my parents, not even as a child, but I also never even had the baby steps of leaving home because I didn’t go to college. On top of that, I had never lived outside of Massachusetts and so, even though I didn’t go far, it was all still a lot of new. I started a new job, working from home, which is both great and terrible all at once. I love the freedom of making my own schedule and can’t imagine any differently now, but I don’t love that you’re not guaranteed a paycheck.

I was never one for making new year’s resolutions, but maybe starting a new year in a new place has got me looking into working more on the things I want to improve. For starters, like so many others, my roommate and I made the decision to start going to the gym. One of the downsides of working at home is not moving much, and the result has been me gaining more weight. I’ve always been bigger, of course, but everyone has that level of weight they reach where they don’t even feel like they’re themselves anymore and that’s where I’m at. Plus, there’s never anything wrong with being healthy. Although with this vow to work out more, I am also making a resolution not to be that person that posts every workout on social media, looking for a pat on the back. I find that in most cases, it just makes people feel bad they’re not doing the same.

Other things are working to get better with my finances, but at the same time taking more time to travel and see all my friends dispersed throughout the US. My writing is another one. I majorly slacked off last year in my hunt to find an agent to represent my work, only sending out one inquiry. I have a project in mind that I can do independently for one of my works, but as for the rest, 2018 is the year I want to be able to say I tried my hardest to get my writing out there.

Speaking of writing, let’s talk about this blog. If you’re on my main page, you may have noticed I changed the tagline from “fashion when one size doesn’t fit all” to simply “when one size doesn’t fit all.” Let’s face it. I updated more on my playlists than I did my clothing. A lot of that had to do with being insecure about the way my body has changed recently and not wanting to take photos of myself and a lot had to do with not being financially in a place to buy new pieces to put together new outfits. While I could have just marked the blog as a failed attempt, I wasn’t ready for that because the fact is that I love working on this blog. While putting my blog in a box of being a plus sized fashion blog might gain me more exposure in a niche, I’ve never been one for boxes. I’m the woman whose iPod switches from Rise Against to Hanson, then to Social Distortion to Underoath, and then back to The Little Mermaid soundtrack followed by a Backstreet Boys jam. I’m the woman who sports black nailpolish and bat coats and owns a pair of vampire teeth, but doesn’t celebrate Halloween and hates horror movies. I read the Bible every day, but I swear more than anyone I know. I’ve never fit in, period. It would make sense that my blog can’t fit into one category either. It’s as complex as me.

So while I’ll still be doing posts about fashion and accessories, I’m going to feel less guilty about those playlist posts. There will be posts about makeup and movies. I want to talk about my writing, the recipes I try (and fail) to make, books, television shows, etc. Maybe some will be deep, maybe they won’t. I don’t want to use the term “lifestyle blog,” because that brings to mind perfect images of latte art and rose gold geometric vases of succulents, both of which aren’t me (but you will find in my house, thanks to my roommate). We’re just gonna see what happens this year. And if it’s another failed attempt, that’s okay. As long as I had fun.

All right, so let’s get to my Top Tens of 2017. Nothing is a particular order because, no.

TV: This was the hardest list to narrow down because I watched a lot of good TV this year. Shows that returned after being off the air for so long, shows that stepped it up this season.  On top of that, SO MANY OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS ENDED. Three that didn’t make the list, but I wanted to mention were Powerless and Making History, both of which were funny had a lot of potential, and Too Close to Home, which was admittedly terrible, but heck yes, I’m here for a show starring Brock O’Hurn chopping wood and taking care of his ailing father.

  • Shadowhunters: season 2
  • The Shannara Chronicles: season 2
  • Game of Thrones: season 7
  • Boy Band
  • Prison Break: season 5
  • Teen Wolf finale
  • Girl Meets World finale
  • The Vampire Diaries finale
  • Kingdom finale
  • Fuller House: season 3

Movies: This list was also hard, but for a different reason. It made me realize how little movies released in 2017 I saw and liked. In any other context, I wouldn’t even mention some of these films, but at the end of the day, I needed enough to make 10. Short films that get a special mention are Team Thor: Part 2 and Red Nose Day Actually.

  • Dunkirk
  • It
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • The Shack
  • Split
  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
  • Gifted
  • Logan Lucky
  • Shimmer Lake
  • Beauty and the Beast

Music Videos: I had to put my bias of liking the song aside and just went with if I actually liked the video or not, because there were definitely some videos that came out for some AMAZING songs this year, but the video wasn’t for me.

  • “Imperfection” Evanescence
  • “Last Young Renegade” All Time Low
  • “War” Good Charlotte
  • “I Was Born” Hanson
  • “Finally It’s Christmas” Hanson
  • “Sign of the Times” Harry Styles
  • “White Mustang” Lana Del Rey
  • “Oh My God” The Pretty Reckless
  • “Walk On Water” 30 Seconds to Mars
  • “Reminding Me” Shawn Hook and Vanessa Hudgens

Music: I separated this into songs and albums/EPs. All the songs on the list are ones not featured on any of the albums/EPs listed.

  • “Hold On” Chord Overstreet
  • “We Could Be the Heroes” Young Summer
  • “Walk On Water” 30 Seconds to Mars
  • “Reminding Me” Shawn Hook ft. Vanessa Hudgens
  • “Bom Bidi Bom” Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj
  • “Slow Hands” Niall Horan
  • “Stars” Jax
  • “Castle On the Hill” Ed Sheeran
  • “Day After” Biotin Babies
  • “Speak to Me” Amy Lee


  • U Don’t Get 2 Do That –  Nash Overstreet
  • Lust for Life – Lana Del Rey
  • The Search For Everything – John Mayer
  • Harry Styles – Harry Styles
  • Finally It’s Christmas – Hanson
  • Synthesis – Evanescence
  • Tree House Tapes – Chord Overstreet
  • In Color – Hanson
  • Last Young Renegade – All Time Low
  • Once Upon A Time: The Musical Episode

Books: Erm. Okay, so apparently, I didn’t even read 10 books that were published in 2017. So I’ll just list the six that I did, though keep in mind, I don’t recommend all of them. Note to self: add this to resolution list . . .

  1. Carve the Mark – Veronica Roth
  2. You Have No F**king Idea: The Naked Truth About My Life – Matt Baier

  3. I Wasn’t Born Bulletproof: Lessons I’ve Learned (So You Don’t Have To) – Maci Bookout
  4. Dunkirk: The History Behind the Major Motion Picture – Joshua Levine
  5. Hotel Transylvania: Kakieland Katastrophe – Stefan Petrucha, James Silvani

  6. Misadventures of a City Girl – Meredith Wild, Chelle Bliss


nail polish

Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in “Bordeaux”


4 thoughts on “Goodbye 2017/Hello 2018

  1. I’m excited to see where your blog goes this year! I definitely want to work on mine more and expand on things I talk about too. For the record, I liked reading all your posts, whether they were about fashion or music or whatever else! Keep it coming 🙂


    • Thank you! I loved your latest post and I’m happy to see it expanding as well. I’m so happy and proud of all the success you’ve had with it and I’m happy you’re be talking about personal stuff on yours more. Love and miss you!


  2. I’m glad to meet you – you liked my blog so I came to check yours out and I’m feeling a little kindred-spiritish 🙂

    And I have to say, my favorite part of this post was all your favorites – movies, books, tv, music videos…then NAIL POLISH 🙂 Ha, that cracked me up.

    No box for you, my girl – No Box For You!



    • Haha I probably should have put a little divider there, but I the nail polish wasn’t part of my 2017 favorites (though it is great nail polish). At the end of my posts, I like to direct people toward some of the products I use in the photos.

      But thank you for the lovely and personal comment! Made me smile! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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