October Playlist


First off, sorry this playlist is so late. I went to visit family at the start of the month. I actually had the outline of this post done so I could work on it while I was there, buuuut that didn’t happen. So let’s just get right to it because I should totally be in bed right now.

First up is a song from an old episode of Teen Wolf that I rediscovered and fell in love with by Gabrielle Aplin. The cover I added done by Anna Waronker was something I heard on the Halloween episode of The Carrie Diaries (Austin Butler, okay?). It’s got a great feel to it and fits with this new thing I’m writing (yah vampires). This classic Duncan Sheik is actually one of my favorite songs of all time, but after seeing the video randomly play on TV, I realized that it had been deleted off my iPod long ago and I had never added it back. The last track by the band with the yucky name is a song I actually loved in my early 20s. At the beginning of the month, I went to my parents and filled the notebook I brought with me, so I went to the basement where I knew I had some old ones with extra pages. I found one from when I was about 21 and some of the stuff inside was really upsetting because it wasn’t a good time in my life. That aside, this song was scrawled in the margins and I decided to add it this month, just as another reminder to myself that I’m still here and doing all right.

For some classics, I added The Rascals, a cover by John Lennon, The Beach Boys, Paul McCartney & Wings, Queen, and Simon & Garfunkel.

This was also the month we lost one of the greats. There were so many Tom Petty songs to choose from for this playlist, but I had to go with this one. It’s a classic for a reason and I liked the line about vampires when I was a teenager (because of course I did).

Recently, I was looking up some old people on social media and I came across the kids of a family I used to babysit. Well, the boy in the family evidently has a rap career. And a beard. Can you conceive of how old that makes me feel? Like, no. But anyway, this track by Vann (not his name when we were making frozen pizza and talking about Pirates of the Caribbean) came out this month so of course I had to give it a listen.

My Disney song this month was from Pinocchio, which oddly enough I was reminded of while watching Avengers: Age of Ultron with my mom.

Recently, I got one of the Now albums because I did. Please keep in mind that I have the very first Now album, which I bought when it first came out. Maybe the theme of this entry is I’m F*cking Old. But anyway, a lot of the music from it ended up on this playlist. Some of the tracks, I really liked. Some were okay, but tried to give a chance. Some tracks, once was enough and deleted them from the playlist. Some I didn’t even entertain because they were done by artists I can’t stomach. But anyway, that’s why you see tracks by James Arthur, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Niall Horan, Camila Cabello, Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone, Linkin Park, The Foxies, Jeremy Zucker, Quinn XCII, Elley Duhé, and Mutemath.

Newer tracks that weren’t on the Now album or don’t need their own explanation include a cover of Maroon 5 by Nash Overstreet, Lucy Angel, Nick Jonas, Evanescence redoing an old track, and Cyrus.

  1. “Start of Time” Gabrielle Aplin *
  2. “Baby Let’s Wait” The Rascals
  3. “Free Fallin'” Tom Petty
  4. “Times Changing” Vann
  5. “Stand By Me” John Lennon
  6. “What Lovers Do” Nash Overstreet feat. Madi Wolf
  7. “I’ve Got No Strings” Dickie Jones
  8. “Darlin'” The Beach Boys
  9. “Say You Won’t Let Go” James Arthur
  10. “Castle On The Hill” Ed Sheeran
  11. “Jet” Paul McCartney & Wings
  12. “Father to Son” Queen
  13. “Yard Sale” Lucy Angel
  14. “Blessed” Simon & Garfunkel
  15. “Believer” Imagine Dragons
  16. “Slow Hands” Niall Horan *
  17. “Crying In The Club” Camila Cabello
  18. “Home” Nick Jonas
  19. “HUMBLE.” Kendrick Lamar
  20. “Congratulations” Post Malone
  21. “Heavy” Linkin Park
  22. “Wander In Lust” The Foxies
  23. “Keep My Head Afloat” Jeremy Zucker
  24. “Straightjacket” Quinn XCII
  25. “Somebody’s Watching Me” Anna Waronker
  26. “Lacrymosa” Evanescence
  27. “Can You Touch” Elley Duhé
  28. “Hit Parade” Mutemath
  29. “Barely Breathing” Duncan Sheik *
  30. “Don’t Let Me Know” Cyrus
  31. “Strawberry Gashes” Jack Off Jill