August Playlist


Oh August. August wasn’t the most spectacular month. Come to think of it, I’ve never really like August. It’s when the summer seems the hottest and I’m over it. I think the only cool thing about it is that I discovered that a lot of my celebrity crushes (like, almost all of them) have a birthdays in August. And if that was the highlight of the month, you can see how thrilling it was. So let’s just get onto the music.

I will say that I started off the month right by finishing another novel, which you can read for free on Wattpad. This first song on my playlist, a remix cover, came out back in ye olden days of the early 2000s. I liked it back then, but it actually had a connection to the novel, as these were characters I created as a teenager.

Next was a track by This Wild Life, which I heard on an episode of Teen Mom 2 (Judge me. Do it.) I downloaded it and have been loving it all month long.

The Disney track this month comes from Alice in Wonderland even though, props to Kathryn Beaumont, who can’t actually sing.

Next is a classic CCR, which I picked because I was working on my Clown Day post, which was really more about Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad and wanted a song from the soundtrack.

My roommate also got me into Outlander this month and we sort of belt out the opening credits when it comes on (she’s better at it than me). We’ve both only see season one, so no spoilers!

The track by Matt DiMona was discovered by my friend, Lara (got check out her blog The Picky Gourmet). She used it for a fan video (is it a fan vidid it’s your own characters?)

There wasn’t a ton of new music discovered this month, so a long of my August playlist was adding tracks of songs I loved and THOUGHT I had on my iPod, but actually didn’t, which is why you see a song from the Catch Me If You Can music, a cover by All Time Low, a hard rock track by Paul Barker that features Taylor Momsen, a track from Glee (by Chord Overstreet, duh), Vanessa Hudgens, and Nick Jonas . I also went to my local record store and grabbed this classic Elton John album, which is why this playlist is mostly him. And actually, I don’t know if this technically counts as a new track, but Evanescence released a remix of their first hit, “Bring Me To Life,” which was sort of perfect because this month I was struggling with things that I first started dealing with when this song was first released. It meant a lot to me then (that whole album, actually) and this remix coming out sort of came at the perfect month.

One song that was definitely new that made me excited was 30 Seconds to Mars’ “Walk On Water” which definitely has that 30STM sound and I’m loving it.


  1. “Heaven (Candlelight Mix)” DJ Sammy & Yanou featuring Do
  2. “Break Down” This Wild Life *
  3. “The Garden / All In the Golden Afternoon” Chorus & Kathryn Beaumont
  4. “Fortunate Son” Creedance Clearwater Revival
  5. “Live In Living Color” Aaron Tveit & Company
  6. “Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding” Elton John
  7. “Candle In the Wind” Elton John
  8. “Bennie and the Jets” Elton John
  9. “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” Elton John
  10. “This Song Has No Title” Elton John
  11. “Grey Seal” Elton John
  12. “I’ve Seen That Movie Too” Elton John *
  13. “Outlander – Main Title Theme (Skye Boat Song)” Bear McCreary feat. Raya Yarbrough
  14. “Sweet Painted Lady” Elton John
  15. “The Ballad of Danny Bailey (1909-1934)” Elton John
  16. “Bring Me to Life (Synthesis)” Evanescence *
  17. “Dirty Little Girl” Elton John
  18. “All the Girls Love Alice” Elton John
  19. “Your Sister Can’t Twist (But She Can Rock ‘N Roll)” Elton John
  20. “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” Elton John
  21. “Walk On Water” 30 Seconds to Mars
  22. “Roy Rogers” Elton John
  23. “Social Disease” Elton John
  24. “Harmony” Elton John
  25. “The Universe We Dreamt” Matt DiMona
  26. “True Colors” All Time Low
  27. “Victory” Paul Barker feat. Taylor Momsen
  28. “They Long to Be Close to You” Chord Overstreet
  29. “Say Ok” Vanessa Hudgens
  30. “Chains” Nick Jonas

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