Stars and Stripes Forever


Usually, my 4th of July was spent at home by myself doing pretty much nothing. My friends have always been dispersed around the globe, had plans with other people or their own families. I hadn’t even seen fireworks on the 4th of July since I was a kid. That changed this year and I was American as f*ck. I watched The Patriot in the morning then my roommate, Charissa, and I hung out in the backyard during the day with our neighbor who I just met even though I’ve lived in the house a month (My social skills are A+). They drank, we listened to music and grilled burgers and hot dogs, and then Charissa and I headed walked into town. We listened to an army band then found a spot to watch fireworks while we ate fried dough and root beer floats. We were planning on doing s’mores and sparklers in the fire pit in the backyard, but I think we got lazy somewhere in there and just chilled.

But the whole time, I for sure rocked an American flag top.


Paired with some classic American denim, this shredded American flag graphic tee was from Chicnova (sold out). The holes punctured throughout gives it a little bit more of an edge than just a basic flag tee you could get anywhere and that’s what drew me to it. Shoes were the ever classic Converse black cloth trainers, which I’ve only recently brought back into rotation because the sole was broken for years. (I still need to replace the laces and clean them, but that’s for another day). Because the jeans are a little higher and I was wearing Converse, socks had to be low, so I went with my trusty red and white 1937 dip-dye anklet socks from Madewell.img_0487


Along with my other rings, including my infinity ring, I added my Vampire Diaries inspired Elena’s daylight ring, which, if you watched the show, you know if a nice blue color. My earrings were white Fishbone earrings from a Blackheart cat stud earring set which I got from Hot Topic. My necklace added another element of metal edge with its skull on battered wings, which was purchased from Amazon and chosen for this outfit mostly because of its red gem eyes. My leather cuff also came from Amazon, but is sold out. There’s all sorts of different studs and chains on it, but because some of those studs were star-shaped, adding it was a no brainer. And since I was outside for most of the day, sunglasses were needed, I grabbed Ladona classic black aviator style sunglasses because, yes


Onto makeup. Maybelline FIT ME Shine-Free + Balance foundation in “Ivory” was used under my chin to cover up any double chin action I was sporting and my Real Techniques brush was used to blend that out. My dark circles from my shit sleep patterns was covered with my NARS Radiant Creamy concealer in “Creme Brulee.” For my eyes, I used my NYX Love In Paris eyeshadow palette in “Merci Beaucoup,” particularly the redder shades. As always I tried to curl my lashes with my Bobbi Brown eyelash curler, but we all know how that goes for me. I have a lot of amazing scents in my collection, but my go to lately has been Lady Gaga’s “Fame.” I’m not wearing it in the picture, but 4th look isn’t complete without a red lip, so I used my NARS Velvet Matte lipstick pencil in “Mysterious Red,” which my roommate also borrowed to sport with her outfit (which looked awesome. I wish I had taken a pic).

I wasn’t crazy about how my nails came out, so I didn’t take a picture, but I obviously went with red, white, and blue and did get a lot of compliments on them. Chanel Le Top Coat was used and, five days later, they’re just now starting to chip.

Regardless of outfits, I had a fun 4th and I hope everyone else did too. Let me know if you go all out with the red, white, and blue motif or if it’s just not your thing. I wanna see your looks!

Happy birthday, America!


American flag fan from Amazon


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