June Playlist

I’ll start by saying that my playlist this month is not very long. I’ve been incredibly busy so discovering new music and deciding to add it to the monthly playlist hasn’t been priority number one. Because HOLY CRAP I MOVED. I wrote about this last month, but WordPress decided to be dumb and delete the entry. But yes. On the third, I finally was able to move out of my parents’ home. It’s definitely been a huge adjustment. I never lived on my own, never lived outside of Massachusetts, and I never even went to college so even that experience of having a roommate is something I never had as an adult. It’s not bad, not at all, but it is different. In Massachusetts, I was by myself 90% of the time since all my friends live all over the country, so I got into my own little routines and moving disrupted all of them (like my daily discovery of new music). But we got a fresh month ahead, so I’m hopefully going to stay on top of the things that I want to do.

So onto the playlist! You’ve probably notice that every playlist starts with a Disney song. I’m trying to slowly add all the classic Disney music that I don’t already have on my iPod. This month was “The Siamese Cat Song” from Lady and the Tramp, which, admittedly, probably isn’t a great choice. It’s definitely one of those songs that, as you get older, you have that, “Oh, Disney. You should have known better,” realization. Also, can we agree that Lady and the Tramp is one of the most disturbing Disney movies out there? Adorable spaghetti scenes with stereotyped Italians aside, you got the dog pound scene where they take the dog to be euthanized, the alligator that almost bites Lady’s face off at the zoo, and then THAT RAT AT THE END HOLY CRAP. But anyway. I did have to add a cat song in here because my roommate and I got a new kitten this month! He’s black and his name is Stefan. We’re picking up a brother for him soon and if you can guess what his name will be, you get all the points.

Moving on, All Time Low’s album, Last Young Renegade, came out and SO GOOD. They’ve been slowly been releasing songs from it and I’ve loved every one. The album followed in the same vein. I got my roommate hooked on “Good Time” and “Nightmares” is the one that really resonates with me. I’m currently addicted to the line, “I gotta say it’s hard to be brave when you’re alone in the dark. I promise myself I wouldn’t be scared, but I’m still having nightmares,” which has been my go to for the more difficult times this month.

“The Sound of Silence” was downloaded so I could use it in a Snapchat (which you can follow me on at thecailin), but it is a classic for a reason.

Hanson came out with their yearly fan club EP and Hanson is always my favorite so that was awesome to have throughout the month.

And, okay, CAN WE TALK ABOUT MOANA? I didn’t hear a lot of hype about it and the music until very recently, but everyone I talk to that’s seen it loved it and talked about the music. So over Father’s Day weekend, I rented it with my dad and YUP. Go download, at the very least, “How Far I’ll Go.”

And we round out the playlist with a song by my brother’s best friend, Geoff M. Peterson (or King Geoff as my friends used to call him for reasons I can’t remember). But he gave me a free download for this song and it is relaxing as f*ck. Please go check him out here.

  1. “The Siamese Cat Song / What’s Going On Down There” Peggy Lee & Oliver Wallace
  2. “Drugs & Candy” All Time Low
  3. “Good Times” All Time Low *
  4. “Nightmares” All Time Low *
  5. “Dark Side Of Your Room” All Time Low
  6. “Ground Control” All Time Low ft. Tegan & Sara
  7. “Afterglow” All Time Low
  8. “The Sound of Silence” Simon & Garfunkel
  9. “Somebody That Wants To Love You” Hanson
  10. “Ghostwriter” Hanson
  11. “Reach Out For My Hand” Hanson
  12. “I Don’t Want To Go Home” Hanson
  13. “I Lift You Up” Hanson
  14. “How Far I’ll Go” Auli’i Cravalho *
  15. “Pollinators In Bee Major” Geoff M Peterson



nail polish – Formula X in “Push The Limits”


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