April Playlist

This was definitely the theme of April for me. There’s some stuff coming in May that I’ve been busting my butt for that I don’t want to talk about in case it doesn’t happen. But if it does happen, it means even more work for me. In end, it’s a good thing, but it’s very overwhelming. So this quote on my wall has been a good reminder that it will be worth it. Because it definitely will be.

So let’s talk about the playlist. I FINALLY got Aaron Tveit’s live album from 2013, which is why it makes up most of this playlist. The rest has all been new music from people I love, so YAH. John Mayer released the rest of his album and Lana Del Rey did a song with The Weeknd which all sounded pretty cool. I am LOVING Harry Styles’ new sound. “Sign of the Times” sounds very Bowie to me (and I love David Bowie) and I’m excited for the rest of his album. Vanessa Hudgens was featured in Shawn Hook’s song, which works really well for a story I’m writing on WattPad so that made me happy (shameless plus). And then I got not one, but TWO new songs from All Time Low, which are both a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Everything I’ve heard about this new album has been incredible and I can’t WAIT for the rest of the album.

And then there’s “Hold On.” I went on about this in February when Chord Overstreet first released the studio version of this song. BUT THIS VERSION. This was the version I wanted when I found out “Hold On” was going to be released (which I tweeted and he retweeted btw) and I’m SO HAPPY I got it eventually.

  1. “Something’s Coming” Aaron Tveit
  2. “If I Loved You/To Make You Feel My Love” Aaron Tveit
  3. “When I Was Your Man” Aaron Tveit
  4. “What You’d Call A Dream” Aaron Tveit
  5. “One Song Glory” Aaron Tveit *
  6. “There’s a World/Hero and Leander” Aaron Tveit
  7. “I Could Be In Love With Someone Like You” Aaron Tveit
  8. “Run Away With Me” Aaron Tveit *
  9. “She’s Always A Woman/A Case of You” Aaron Tveit
  10. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” Aaron Tveit
  11. “Goodbye” Aaron Tveit
  12. “My Romance/I Remember You” Aaron Tveit
  13. “In The Blood” John Mayer
  14. “Theme from ‘The Search For Everything'” John Mayer
  15. “Never On The Day You Leave” John Mayer
  16. “Rosie” John Mayer
  17. “Lust For Life” Lana Del Rey ft. The Weeknd
  18. “Sign of the Times” Harry Styles *
  19. “Hold On” (acoustic) Chord Overstreet ***********
  20. “Reminding Me” Shawn Hook ft. Vanessa Hudgens
  21. “Last Young Renegade” All Time Low *
  22. “Life Of The Party” All Time Low *


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