Corporate Edge

I love the idea of corporate goth. The chic black pencil skirts. The romantic blouses that are appropriate for the corporate environment but still completely self expressive. There are lots of blogs that can show you that look better than I can, but I thought I’d take the idea and simplify it, doing this flatlay featuring a piece of wardrobe that almost anyone can wear to work: a white button down.

Every job is different and has a different dress code. My first job outside of baby-sitting was Wal-Mart where, as anyone knows, required that hideous blue vest. However, it meant I could wear whatever top I wanted underneath, so long as it wasn’t offensive . . . until they started making us wear hideous blue collared shirts with khaki pants. After that, I worked in an office that was business casual where this post would have come in handy. Then was Borders, where the only dress code was no jeans with holes in them. Now I work two jobs where it’s back to business casual.

The shirt I have here I got on Amazon from a company called LE3NO. I have never had luck with this style, always finding it too tight in the chest and showing off unsightly rolls. So when I tried this XXL on, I was expecting the worst, but was surprised that it felt comfortable and didn’t show off all the lumps and bumps I wanted covered.

You know your work environment. You know what you can get away with and what you can’t. That being said, turning this plain white shirt into something that represents me is ALL about the accessories. I’m not one of those people that wears sunglasses inside (please never be that person), but there’s always that moment of walking inside, taking off your glasses and hearing some cool soundtrack in your head as you’re about to tackle your day.

Just me? Okay.

Anyway, the glasses are also from Amazon by zeroUV in the color “Black Smoke.” I love zeroUV because they always do free shipping, whether you get it on Amazon or direct from their site and you can get so many cool glasses from them for under $10. Another Amazon item is the black leather cuff by INBLUE. While that stands alone on one wrist, I grouped part of a Blackheart bracelet set from Hot Topic on the other. My necklace is unfortunately sold out, but it was from Nastydress and has been much loved.

Again, you know your work environment. If you’re on your feet all day FIND SOME SENSIBLE SHOES. These are not them. That being said, look. how. awesome. The studs, the metal wrapping around the heel . . . Just try not to strut in them.

Onto makeup. If I can wear no other product, it’s eyeliner. Rushing out the door? Eyeliner. All the time in the world? Eyeliner. That being said, THIS MASCARA. The Better Than Sex by Too Faced mascara has been hyped up by everyone and a few months ago, I finally bought it, both the regular and the waterproof. I hadn’t used it yet because I still had a MAC mascara I was using, but I tested it out before I stuck it in this post and, yes. WORTH IT. I lamented about my guylashes in my last blog post, but not only does this product give them volume and length, but it also looks like I’m already wearing top liner. If you can get a sample, doooo ittttt. I went to Sephora earlier this week and grabbed the Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder. I don’t use much makeup when it comes to foundation and powders and things like that, but I like using translucent powders as a base for my eyes because it makes blending easier. For perfume, I really like this scent by Viktor&Rolf called Spicebomb. It’s a pretty masculine scent, and, yes, spicy spelling, but it definitely makes me feel a bit stronger and confident with it on. Black nails are my go-to and definitely have both a bold and chic look to them. But if you’re sort of over the black and white thing everywhere, I like “Pepe’s Purple Passion” from OPI’s Muppets collection. Also, it pairs really nicely with Rimmel’s Kate Matte Lipstick in 107.

Oh, and the magazine is for when you’re chilling on your break. I have issue #150 of Bello featuring my favorite, Chord Overstreet, because, yeah.

All work and no play . . .


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