Feeling blue?

Nail polish – OPI “Blue shatter”

Mascara – MAC Extended Play in “endlessly black”

Wall art – Natural Life ‘Love You to the Moon’ Wire

Book – The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr

Brush – OceanPure Detangling Blue

Makeup remover – Sephora waterproof


I just bought this book because the summary sounded interesting. I haven’t really started it yet, so if it’s crap, sorry in advance. But the blue in the cover sparked me to do a blue post. I know shatter nails are pretty much out by now, but I do love the shade of this polish. It looks particularly amazing if you do it over white nails. The mascara is my current go to. I have what I like to call “guylashes” – no length, no volume. This mascara doesn’t do much for volume, but they really do make them look so much longer than they are, which is all I want. This wire art is something I got awhile back and still haven’t hung up, even though I love it. One day I’ll grab some nails and a stepladder . . . The brush is, well, my hairbrush. As for this makeup remover, I WISH YOU COULD SEE IT UPRIGHT. I just got this yesterday in my Sephora box and I haven’t used it yet because I just bought a makeup remover (isn’t that always the way?) but the blue and clear liquid are separated in the bottle, even if you shake it up. I’m easily amused, okay?


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