You Got Me Buzzing Just Like . . .


The 80’s are making a comeback.

Everywhere I look, a sign of the decade seems to be cropping up. Stranger Things was all anyone could talk about (I still haven’t seen it. Iknowdon’tkillme). My instagram feed is full of makeup artist doing all sorts of creative, bright and colorful things with eyeshadows (and lipsticks!). Stars and beauty gurus are flipping their hair to one side for volume or going straight for the spiral curls (a trend I will NOT be hopping on). Even the  the remake of It has been reset in the 80’s (I’m not a horror movie buff, but I have a thing for Bill Skarsgård. Not as a psycho clown, but as anything else and we’re getting sidetracked . . .)

And of course, neon.

Neon nails, neon jewelry, neon eyeshadow, neon lipstick, even neon hair. I was born in 1986, so neon colors were definitely part of my generation’s childhood. I liked any color that had the word “electric” in front of it. Even as a teenager, my dream car was a neon, lime green Volkswagen (one day) and my room was decorated with blacklight posters, a lime green lava lamp, plastic neon hearts and smilies and flowers that stuck to my wall. Black was my favorite, but if I had to do color, it was going to be in-your-face color, nothing ordinary or pastel and washed out.

Yeah. I liked neon.

Recently, I got the new Monster High movie because yes, I really like Monster High. As you can see from the pic, there’s an electric theme going on. But I can see so many cues from the 80’s happening, from the crimped hair to the big ruffles and bows to, yes, the neon.

It’s a trend I’m more than happy to ride on for a little while.

Even if you’re not ready to go full on with an hot pink sweater or canary yellow skinny jeans, you can always sneak it in with a little accessory. Although I say sneak, but, no matter water, neon wants to be noticed.

But that’s sort of the point.


Choker – Monsoon (sold out)

Nail polish – China Glaze in “Turned Up Turqoise”

Glasses – zeroUV in Green


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