Casual Disney

Warm weather is supposedly right around the corner. If you live somewhere else. According to my weather app, we’re supposed to get snow on Friday. I actually like the cold because I know the alternative is being hot. I’m not a fan of summer–the heat, sweat, frizz, the sun . . . no thank you.

One of the things that I always hated about summer was the need to expose more skin. I am a firm pants wearer and hadn’t put on a pair of shorts since my early teen years. I do not like my legs. There’s the obvious overweight factor, but I’m overweight everywhere, so that really wasn’t it. I have weird red bumps and pores that stand out even more since I’m super pale, a badly done tattoo, and one ankle that is thicker than the other. But last summer, I saw a pair of shorts I liked online, that actually came in my size, and ordered them. I can’t tell you how many times I put them on, took them off, wrestled with myself if I should walk out of the house. I felt like everyone was going to stare at the girl with the super-short shorts, exposing her pasty thunder thighs, even though, logically, I know no one actually gives a f*ck. So I wore them out. Aaaand that was about it.

So with spring officially starting this month, I decided to show an outfit I wore last summer when I went to Disney World (which HOLY NO, NEVER GO TO DISNEY WORLD IN JUNE).


I already talked extensively about the black cut off shorts, so I’ll stop. The white t-shirt is super soft and airy and perfect for hot weather. It can be quite see-through, though, so I’d stick a cami underneath. I feel like even my nude-colored bra shows through, because the material can be a bit clingy.

The shredded shorts make their own statement, but since the tee is so plain, it allows you to go in whatever direction you want with the accessories!

The gladiator sandals came from ASOS, but I don’t recommend stomping around Disney in them. These boots aren’t made for walking (and they’re not boots). However, they’re fine for something casual, and I love that you can zipper up the back and not have to mess with all the buckles.

collageFor my wrist I stuck with a plain(ish) cuff with black pyramid studs. The rest of the jewelry, I went full Disney for obvious reasons. The Mickey Mouse-shaped earrings actually didn’t make it to me in time for my Disney trip, BUT I MEANT TO WEAR THEM OKAY, SO SHH. They’re made of of tiny little black studs and are really cute. They’re a little bigger than I thought they would be, but they still work.

My favorite part of this look is definitely the Beauty and the Beast themed necklace. I love glitter and charms, and old looking writing and little corked bottles, so it’s a win all around. It pulls the gold from the sandals’ buckles and, if you like a tiny bit of color, the little rose on the top of the bottle is really cute.

So remember kids: plain clothes don’t have to be plain, take a fashion risk even if you’re set in your ways, and stay out of Florida in June.


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