Bathroom selfie

All right, so the concept of this post is a little contrived. I confess, I never really took bathroom selfies before. Back in the Myspace days (yes, I’m that old), it was all the rage to take your digital camera into the john, angle your duck lips at the mirror and make sure you got that flash in there so it looked like some sort of sunburst happened. But I lived in a one bathroom house that displayed a rectangle face mirror that my 5’1″ stature could just lift my head into view. Unless people wanted to see how white my forehead was, there really wasn’t any point.


Actual Myspace selfie circa nunyabusiness AD.

The bathroom situation has definitely improved for me and most of us can relate to spending time in it getting ready. And there is value in the selfie. Sometimes after I’m done getting ready, I look at myself in the mirror and think YES. But a quick snap with the phone may reveal a section of hair that didn’t get straightened, a smudge of rogue eyeliner where it shouldn’t be, or Dear God is THAT what this top looks like from this angle?

But in the end, the bathroom selfie is just meant to be a bit of fun with yourself before you hit the [insert location of choice].


So for my bathroom selfie shoot, I went with the outfit I usually wear to the mall or anywhere else that I’m casually going to with friends. This is actually two tops that I layered. The first is from Shein. I LOVE the cut out neck of this, so much so that I use it as it’s own accessory and skip the necklaces. The site lists the top as a one size, and I’m sure it’s meant to be baggy and loose. But please. With my chest? I fill it out completely and it instantly became a crop top. I thought about returning it, but I loved the way the arms fit and, again, THAT NECKLINE. So underneath it, I put on a black cami from Tilly’s. Again, this is listed as a one-size, but the material is super stretchy. However, this is completely form-fitting, so if you’re self-conscious about your middle, this takes getting used to. I was so used to wearing everything super loose that I almost didn’t leave the house the first time I put these two tops together. Now I’m psyched when I get to put them on.

acOf course, you have to add a little bit of accessory. You don’t need a purse in the potty (unless you do, who am I to judge?) but I threw in this clutch purse from Torrid because I like how its uniqueness can stand on its own. Like I said, I skipped the necklace and really wasn’t feeling any bracelets with this either. So I went with rings, of the ear and finger variety. I didn’t know how annoying a double ring would be, but I loved the look of this cross one. Honestly? Not as constricting as I thought. Plus, it’s adjustable. Add some gold midi rings (the ones I’m wearing are sold out) and nail polish and your fingers are set. As I’m looking at the website for the black-cross single earring, I’m realizing that I’ve been wearing it wrong. Oh well. At least I figured out that it was also adjustable. And anyway, the Batman earrings are easy to figure out.


Speaking of bats, THESE SHOES. I saw them and there was a literal gasp. An orchestra started and the world grew fuzzy around the sight of them. There might have been a fantasy of me slow running to them on a beach.

Just kidding. I hate the beach.

But, yes, I love these shoes. I posted this Instagram of them the other night and Ash Costello liked it. That has no significance to this blog; I’m just bragging.

BUT SHOES. As I said, being a shortie makes mirror selfies difficult. The high platform on these definitely help. Or I’m just rationalizing because I wanted everyone to see them. We’re in love, okay?

Once you’ve unloaded your makeup bag over your sink and your face (full details below), snap on your favorite phone case, put on some great music, and work those filters!


Beauty products used/shown:




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